Exploring Guam with Technology

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Exploring Guam with Technology

HUB was built to give people an all-access pass to everything GUAM, connecting people with businesses in a brand-new way. Information people need, the latest deals businesses have to offer, events and local happenings, new products for sale with the ability to buy and pay all in one place. We aim to deliver the best user experience of any digital product on the island. To connect people, to live better, and to savor everyday life.


Dart Dart
Firebase Firebase
Flutter Flutter
Javascript Javascript
Wordpress Wordpress


Elegant Design: Taking a page from luxury brands HUB inspires ownership through its simple form & unique differentiation.

Superior Function: Engineering solutions for the ever-evolving user base, drives the HUB to constantly deliver new functions.

Featured Carousel: Non-stop carousel of select featured ads.

Easy to Use: Easy keyword/tag search function. With 15+ categories for easy casual browsing.

True Visibility: New Offers/Listings or Higher reviews can earn you a spot on the homepage.

Perfect Showcase: Buy access to our homepage banner to promote major offers!

Offer the Best Deals: The more people that use or save your deal the better your chances at a homepage spot.

P2P Money Transfer: Guam's first app allowing for P2P money transfer. HUB utilizes the same software as Venmo to ensure Maximum security.


We are equipped to meet all your requirements through our business directory app development expertise. Designed and developed a business directory web & mobile app that comes with an eCommerce solution where companies can post their business profiles and sell used products. We design and develop mobile Apps – Android and iOS, started with an idea & requirement analysis, the Wireframe, the proposed Technical Architecture, UI / Ux design, and the development of native mobile and web-based administrative frameworks. Our team then served entrepreneurs who put a well-developed, immersive, scalable, and user-friendly HubGuam platform into the market.


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