All about Brows.. Because they are the frame to your soul.

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All about Brows.. Because they are the frame to your soul.

Triya’s Brow is a brow bar that specializes in eyebrows and eyelashes, located in the heart of Bondi Junction. They offer beauty enhancing services such as eyebrow threading, brow lamination, tinting, and lash lift. Each service is tailored to the client’s facial structure, preferences and style.


Dart Dart
Figma Figma
Firebase Firebase
Flutter Flutter
Javascript Javascript
Node.js Node.js


Admin User Sign-In: The app will provide a secure sign-in interface for the admin user to access the app using their branch user id, and password.

Customer User Registration: Customer users can create their accounts by providing details such as Name, Email, DOB, Suburb, and Phone. Upon registering, a pre-loaded welcome email will be sent to the customer.

Customer User Login: Registered customers can log in using their unique phone number. They will be directed to their dashboard upon successful login.

Dashboard Visit Stamp: The dashboard will display 12 visits that can be recorded at the beauty center. Each visit will have a list of available services that the customer can choose from. The date of each visit will be recorded and displayed.

Loyalty Card and Expiry: A loyalty card system will be implemented with 12 visits. The card will expire after 12 months from the first visit. If the customer finishes all 12 visits within 12 months, the card will be reset.

Discounts and Free Service: On the sixth visit, the customer will receive a discount of $10 for services offered outside the app. On the twelfth visit, they will be eligible for a free brow service.

Visit Reminder: If a customer user does not visit the beauty center for 45 days, they will receive a pre-loaded email notification as a reminder to visit again.

Firebase Integration: Data related to customer accounts, visits, services, and loyalty cards will be securely stored on Firebase, ensuring real-time updates and synchronization.

Data Export: The admin user will have the ability to export data in CSV format using date range filters, facilitating data analysis and reporting.


We design and develop our Flutter Mobile App for Android tablet. Our team did fantastic job to beat our own record as we have delivered a full-fledged app within 1 week.


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